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1:1 Support Opportunities

Camp is for everyone. We are proud to offer in-house 1:1 integration support opportunities to families who need it at subsidized rates. For the past several years we have partnered with 'REACH for Inclusion' to offer 1:1 support opportunities - since REACH's sudden closure in 2018, for summer 2019 and beyond we have developed an 'in-house' model to continue to offer 1:1 support services for campers in a comprehensive and inclusive way.

It should also be noted that we continue to offer the opportunity for any families who wish to provide their own support worker for their camper that they may do so at no charge for the support worker. Please contact us if you wish to do this.

What 1:1 Support Services do we provide?
Camp Menesetung's Integration team is made up of our Integration Coordinator and a small team of 1:1 Support Councellors, enabling us to offer complete integration for 2 campers every week. Our goal is integration and inclusion - each of these campers will be paired with a 1:1 support staff for the week who has been specifically trained to meet your camper's needs.

One of the big perks of our programs is our committment to choice and flexibility. Every camper has the ability to influence the activities that they participate in throughout their week. Every camper has the ability to visit our 'Rejuvenation Station' during any session time. Our 'Rejuvenation Station' is a constantly staffed 'cool-down' quiet space for campers who are feeling overwhelmed or over-stimulated throughout their exciting day at camp, giving them time to take a break, drink some water, participate in quiet activities, or take a nap.

For each summer session we have availability to accept 2 campers of the 3 options below:
  Option 1: Overnight Camper (Ages 6-15) (Please note: The majority of our 2020 1:1 support team is female - overnight campers of any gender are welcome to apply so long as they are comfortable in a setting with a female support counsellor)
        - Spend your week spending time with your cabin group, participating in Camp activities/meals, and make great friends! Sleep in a cabin with 4-5 other campers + the Cabin Counsellor + your 1:1 support counsellor!
  Option 2: Day/Bridge Camper (Ages 5-11 (The upper limit may be flexible depending on your camper)) (Available any week that we are running Day Camp or Bridge Camp)
        - Spend your week participating in camp activities and meals with our other day campers! Get dropped off and picked up daily (9-4) to spend your nights sleeping in your own bed.
  Option 3: Camp Volunteer (Ages 16+)
       - Spend your week helping out around camp! Complete important duties with your 1:1 support counsellor and join in with the camp during meal-times and big group activities!
       - This option could be an overnight or a day only opportunity.

What is the process to ensure my camper's needs are met?
  Step 1: Complete and submit the '1:1 Support Integration Application' below after March 1st, this will help us determine whether we have availability and facilities to accomodate your request. We will send a confirmation following our review of your questionaire.
  Step 2: Register for your approved week of camp using our online registration portal.
  Step 3: In June, our Integration Coordinator will set up a meeting with you, your camper (and possibly your camper's current support worker) either in-person or otherwise to establish a comprehensive profile that we will use to train our 1:1 support counsellors and adapt our programs.
  Step 4: Come to camp! When you arrive our Integration Coordinator, Health Care Provider, and your camper's 1:1 Support Counsellor will all touch base with you to confirm that all the information we have is accurate and provide your camper with an orientation to camp life!
  Step 5: Enjoy a much deserved week off knowing that your camper is in good hands!


  As part of our Accessiblity strategy Camp Menesetung is committed to become more and more accessible. We have a fully accessible washroom/shower facility, dining hall, several buildings, and outdoor areas. At this time we do not offer fully accessible sleeping accommodations though we do have single bed options in several of our cabins.


How much does it cost for Camp provided 1:1 support?

$200 + the cost of the camp program being registered for.

Through the support of our generous donors we are pleased to offer families a subsidy on the cost of providing a trained 1:1 support worker. We humbly request $200 for your camper's 1:1 support for their week with us, this is around 40% of what will cost us an average of $500/camper/week to provide this service.
  Overnight Camper Cost for most classic & specialty camp weeks (Beginner's week will be $100 less):
     Your chosen price tier (what is tiered pricing?) + $200 = $555 For our most subsidized early-bird rate
  Day Camper Cost:
     Your chosen price tier + $200 = $380 for our most subsidized early-bird rate
  Bridge Camper Cost:
     Your chosen price tier + $200 = $430 for our most subsidized early-bird rate
  Camp Volunteer Cost:
      $200 total for the week.

If our subsidized cost remains a barrier for your family, we are willing to partner with your local family support agency to provide additional bursary funding as needed - please inquire at

Begin Signing Up Today!

Click HERE to view all of our summer program options!

Check back HERE after March 1st, 2020 to complete our online
1:1 Support Integration Pre-Registration Application!

For those who prefer hard-copy forms, a PDF of our 1:1 Support Integration Pre-registraion questionaire can be found HERE - please complete this form, scan, and send it to

Please let us know if you have any questions! Hope to see you this summer!

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