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Summer Camp Programs

Summer 2020 Information now available! Explore each program using the menu on the right.

Summer Registrations will open on
November 20th at 7pm at extra-early-bird rates!

Check out our 2020 Season Launch Video below for 5 announcements and a comprehensive breakdown of the programs we're offering this summer!
Why Summer Camp?
 For the last 130 years, summer camp has helped millions of North American children and youth connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world around them.

In a world that is moving increasingly faster, and technology often winning the battle for attention, ensuring that kids have time for reflection and personal growth is a challenge! Camp offers the chance to pause, put down the screen, listen to the world, and sit with yourself.

As anyone who has gone to camp, lived in dorms, or lived in a shared house knows, living in community creates lots of opportunity for growth. Camp is a place where steps are taken towards independence, appreciation, and empathy. Ensuring kids are getting lots of practice at making friends, working through conflict, and managing relationships with others is crucial to developing their social skill set. This is what camp is all about! Camp is also about challenging yourself through trying new activities, thinking big thoughts, and helping new friends, under the guidance of invested staff.

And of course, endless research proves that when we spend time in the outdoors, we improve our health, our relationships, and our sense of community. Being at summer camp means living in nature, waking up to the birds, adventuring in the forest, rolling down a hill, singing at a campfire, listening to the sun set, and wondering up at the stars. Nothing soothes the soul like being in nature and feeling connected to the world around us.
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Classic Summer Camps:

Specialty Summer Camps:

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Why Menesetung?
Since 1933, Camp Menesetung has provided a high quality, subsidized, classic camp experience to children and youth in a safe and empowering environment. What makes Menesetung special is the connection between our campers and staff. Our specially selected team are camper-motivated, undergo intensive training, and hold a Standard First Aid/CPR-C certification. We are proud to be a smaller camp that is able to provide excellent camper:staff ratios of 5:1 or better, allowing us to intentionally create an atmosphere of freedom and safety, and enabling us to really invest in our campers to support them as they grow during their time with us each summer.

Some of the activities we offer at Menesetung are: archery, arts & crafts, campfire, climbing wall, discovery, hill games, low ropes, music & drama, outdoor living skills, swimming, beach walks, talent show, outtrips, and community involvement. More information on our 'Program Areas' page - link below!

Our site and facilities are ideal for those new to camp life. As a small site we foster an inclusive atmosphere where all campers have many opportunities throughout their day to meet and visit campers from other cabins. All of our cabins have electricity, most have washrooms, and all have washrooms with showers a few steps away, including our fully accessible washroom and shower facility!

As part of our priority of become a welcoming and accessible place to all, we have onsite fully accessible washrooms, showers, dining hall, and most outdoor areas. At this time we are still working towards creating fully accessible sleeping accommodations (We do have ground floor cabins with single bed options). We believe everyone should be able to attend camp, we provide 'in-house' 1:1 camper support, and have a bursary program available for families in financial need - please contact us for more information. Find out more about our 1:1 Support Program.

Let's not forget about Lake Huron! When the weather gets too exciting coming off the lake we have indoor spaces to run programming as well as a large secure storm shelter equipped for extended sleepover parties if needed. Lake Huron also blesses us with world-class sunsets, and a beautiful sandy beach; all this while our campers have the luxury of swimming and playing in a nice and safe pool. More information on our 'Facilities' page - link below!

At Menesetung you can ease into camp life, or dive in where you are comfortable:
Day Camp -> Bridge Camp -> Beginner Week -> Overnight Camp ->
Leader In Training -> Volunteer -> Joining the Staff Team ->
Living life as a caring, helpful, open-minded, creative, and fun individual.

At Menesetung you have CHOICE. No camper is ever forced to participate in an activity, having options and creating their own can be empowering and is part of our camping philosophy along with our mandate to Listen&Learn, and to promote a culture of change and adaptability. Throughout every day we have a staffed 'Rejuvenation Station', a cooldown 'chill' space, available for anyone at anytime if they need a change of pace from the stimulating fun outside. Each week also features our selection of choice-based programming, including our Choose Your Own Adventure program, Cabin Choice sessions, Morning Optionals, and Choose Your Own Program areas. Imagine yourself as a Menesetung camper... You wake up to the birds - What would I like to do today? I'm in a safe place with new friends, and people to support me - How can I be the best me today? How can I make the world a better place today? Seize the day.

Menesetung is a spiritual Camp that welcomes everyone of all perspectives, whether they come from a religious, agnostic, or atheist background - all are welcome here! The more perspectives the better to help us Listen & Learn and think big thoughts. Spiritual programming at Menesetung might include: guided meditation, sand mandalas, yoga, reflecting around the campfire, or listening to parables from Christian or other faith backgrounds.

Camp Menesetung is accredited by both the Ontario Camping Association and the United Church of Canada, consistently achieving 100% ratings, ensuring that we meet the best practices in the industry for safety, leadership, programming, and administration.

Camp Menesetung is located 5 minutes North of Goderich, ON. Canada.
Off of hwy. 21 on the shore of Lake Huron.
Address: 82190 Church Camp Rd. Goderich, ON. N7A 3Y3
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For more information about specific Camp Programs check out the
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See below for a calendar schedule of our summer 2020 programs.

Program Areas
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Summer Calling Hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-5:00pm
Sunday: 4:30-5:30pm
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Our Mission:
At Camp Menesetung we believe, that through good stewardship, our camping experience provides recreation and learning in an outdoor setting to enhance the spiritual development of all.
Camp Menesetung
82190 Church Camp Rd. Goderich, ON. N7A 3Y3
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