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Girls Week

2017 Pictures!
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DATES: Sunday to Friday
> Girls Week: July 22-27, 2018
     Week Theme: Get Inspired!
A week of: Colour, Entrepreneur, Girl Power, Camper's Got Talent, and Dream Big!
Includes Meals, Snacks, T-Shirt, and Tax!
Tier 1: $335
Tier 2: $370
Tier 3: $410
Optional Add Ons:
Extended Friday AfterCare (includes supper): $75.00
AGES: 6-15 yrs.
     Sunday between 3-4pm
     Friday Closing Ceremony 5:15-5:45pm           Families invited to join us!
     Friday Sign-Out 5:45pm (before supper)
             Extended AfterCare: Fri. 6:45pm
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Girls Week is for girls only; a week of empowerment, personal growth, independence, and fun!

Menesetung Girls Week Perks
Our camper:staff ratio is 5:1. Your camper will be well looked after!
Registration includes all meals, snacks, T-Shirt, and tax!
All Girls week campers have the opportunity to experience our full range of program areas, including: Archery, Climbing Wall, Pool, Arts&Crafts, Music&Drama, Outdoor Living Skills, Low Ropes, and more!
Click HERE for information about all our program areas.
As overnight campers they also experience the wonder of evening programs, campfire, vespers, sleepovers, morning optionals, and the special friendship moments that come from spending quality time with other girls their age.
Our staff are energetic indivuals who LOVE to have fun, are trained in Standard First-Aid & CPR-C, have undergone vulnerable sector screening, and have completed extensive training.
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Spring Retreats

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Day Camp

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Overnight Camp

  Specialty Options:
  Dynamic Pursuit Specialty
  M.A.D. Talent Specialty
  OutdoorLivingSkills Specialty

Optional Specialty:
 OutdoorLivingSkills Specialty

Optional Specialty:
 Pay It Forward Specialty

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Summer Calendar
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Specialty Options*
*Choosing a Specialty Option for Girls week is entirely optional! It is open to any camper who is interested at no additional cost.
*Regardless of whether a specialty is chosen, every camper will have the opportunity to experience all of our programs throughout their week!

Outdoor Living Skills
  A Specialty for those who love to explore and adventure! O.L.S. is about learning the skills to survive in nature and putting them to use on a two night camping adventure exploring the trails along the Maitland River and the woods of the Morris Tract! O.L.S. campers can expect to learn how to set-up a campsite, pitch a tent, make a campfire, cook over a fire, practice no-trace camping, and survive in the wild! The brave band of hikers will be accompanied by experienced 'Outtrip' Camp staff who take with them the resources to ensure that everyone remains safe, healthy, and happy throughout their trip!
  Campers participating in the O.L.S. specialty will be required to bring a few addional items with them to camp to help them on their trip: A pair of sturdy shoes (ideally hiking boots), a big backpack, a camping matress (camping matress rentals available for $5 with registration), and a healthy dose of curiosity!
  Outdoor Living Skills will be an option for both Specialty Week 1 and Girls Week.
A Typical Overnight Camper's Day at Menesetung*
*Wake Up and Bed Times will change depending on the age of the campers of a given week
7:15-7:45am: Morning Optionals (Campers choice: ex. Polar Dip, Yoga, Dance Party, Sleep In etc.)
8:00am: Flag (Full Camp mindfulness activity to start the day off right!)
8:30am: Breakfast!
9:00am: Duties & Cabin Clean Time (Cabins compete for the daily Golden Broom!)
9:40-12:30pm: 45 minute program session blocks at the Menesetung program areas!
12:30pm: Lunch!
1:00pm: Rest Hour (Relaxing during the hottest part of the day: read a book, nap on the hammocks, take some 'me' time)
2:00-3:00pm: 45 minute program session blocks at the Menesetung program areas!
3:00pm: Afternoon Snack!
3:15-5:30pm: 45 minute program session blocks at Menesetung program areas!
5:30pm: Supper!
6:00pm: Choose Your Own Adventure Program (Choose your favourite activity! You can choose one with a friend or relative from a different cabin!)
7:00pm: Evening Program! (All Camp, themed BIG games and challenges!)
8:00pm: Change into 'Longs n' Longs' and come to Evening Snack!
8:30pm: Vespers (All Camp reflection on the day, thinking big thoughts, and learning new ways of being a positive difference-maker in the world!)
9:00pm: Campfire! (All Camp Songs, Skits, and Stories around the Campfire!)
9:30pm: Cabin Flashlight Time
10:00pm: Bedtime!
Other Menesetung Opportunities our Girls Week Campers Enjoy!

A full week of Overnight Camp that allows campers to focus on areas of interest. Specialty Options: Dynamic Pursuit (For the active! Climbing Wall, Archery, Pool, Sports & Games, Low Ropes, Gaga Ball), M.A.D. Talent (For the artistic! Put on a play! Help with acting, creative writing, set building, costume designing, and music making!), Outdoor Living Skills (For the adventurous! Learn camping skills to prepare and hike on a two-night off-site outtrip with experienced 'trip' staff!)

The Grand Finale! Come to a full week of classic overnight camp at it's best with your siblings, friends, and relatives!

A week of freedom and choice. Teens create their own daily schedule of what they would like to do. Some like to start their day swimming, or walking on the beach, or reading a book, or shooting at archery, or challenging a group to a shelter building competition... wrapping up the day with an intense themed all camp game of awesome - the possibilities are endless!  
Menesetung Magic
Each week and every day comes with it's own fun theme! This means that every day and every week of our programming is unique - all campers are encouraged to return for another week to see what else is in store! One day could be Super Spy Academy and another Backwards day! You'll have to find out!
All week themes will be announced at the beginning of June.

Rejuvenation Station
Throughout their day, any camper is welcome to visit our Rejuvenation Station as a quiet 'cool down' zone for those that need a change of pace from the stimulating fun outside. This drop-in special place on camp is staffed at all times and serves as a safe place for campers who benefit from quiet reading, doing a puzzle, fidgetting, talking to a Counsellor, or thinking on their own.

Culture of Change & Adaptability
The voices of our campers and camper parents matter in shaping the future of Menesetung. We actively seek feedback and continue to improve and refine our programs each year.
519 524 6497
Summer Calling Hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-5:00pm
Sunday: 4:30-5:30pm
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Our Mission:
At Camp Menesetung we believe, that through good stewardship, our camping experience provides recreation and learning in an outdoor setting to enhance the spiritual development of all.
Camp Menesetung
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