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Leadership Training Program

Camp Menesetung offers a two year Leadership Training program designed to provide 15 & 16+ year olds with the skills they need to excel in any leadership setting; whether it be camp leadership, community leadership, or working in any other child-care setting in the future.

Leaders In Training (LITs) and Counsellors in Training (CITs) can expect to receive training and be placed in practical application settings which promote: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving, role modelling, initiative development, behaviour management etc. LITs and CITs experience a supported and supervised level of responsibility at Camp, allowing them a degree of creative influence over their experience and the personal reward that comes from leading campers.

Completion of these programs puts the leaders in an ideal spot to transition into paid employment in a leadership/child-care setting. Many of our Spring/Summer Staff Members come through our leadership training program and find themselves better adapted to the awesome leadership responsibility that comes with caring for and creating awesome experiences with campers.


Two Year Leadership Training Program (Click on the titles for more detailed information):

   A subsidized training program wherein LITs attend a week of training, and up to three additional weeks (weeks of choice based on the LITs summer availability) of 'in-cabin' practical application leadership experience shadowing and assisting Menesetung staff, debriefing and training. Successful completion of the LIT program earns the candidate a Menesetung LIT certification. LIT registrations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, with one additional LIT 'application' form required as part of the process.

LITs are considered Campers and Sign-up by registering.

   An introduction to life as part of the Menesetung staff team! Counsellors In Training (CITs) commit to spending their summer at camp developing and refining their leadership skills with the support and mentorship of experienced camp staff. This free opportunity enables CITs to  receive their emergency first aid, bronze medallion, and bronze cross swimming certifications; earn up-to 2 summer co-op high school credits; collect volunteer hours; live camp life & eat camp food all summer; participate in on-going staff training; and provide them with a year of transferable leadership work experience with accompanying references and evaluations.
     Interested candidates must apply, and go through our CIT hiring process to be considered for this opportunity. Completion of our LIT program is not required to become a CIT, though it is considered an asset on your application!

CITs are considered Staff and are hired after applying.

Leaders In Training (LITs) (15)

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DATES: Sunday to Friday
> LIT Training Week:
  July 7-12, 2019
>LIT In-Cabin Experience Weeks: Choice of 1-3 additional weeks of the summer that best suite LIT availability.
Includes Meals, Snacks, T-Shirt, and Tax!
Prices below represent the total cost of LIT training week and up to 3 additional weeks of in-cabin experience.
Tier 1: $390
Tier 2: $430
Tier 3: $470
*For families unable to afford our most subsidized Tier 1 price, bursing funding is available - please contact us! director@campmenesetung.ca
AGE: 15
     Sunday between 3-4pm
     Friday Closing Ceremony 5:15-5:45pm
Families invited to join us!
     Friday Sign-Out:
    5:45pm (before supper)

     For In-Cabin Experience Weeks, LITs are welcome to stay to help staff clean up after Friday Sign-Out with notice at the descretion of the Directors (Friday supper provided for interested LITs).

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How the LIT Program Works
LIT Training Week (July 7-12, 2019):
All LITs attend a week of leadership training together, led by our Leadership Training Directo. Time is spent learning leadership strategies, how to access resources within the camp structure, and workshopping scenerios in preperation for their In-Cabin Experience weeks.

LIT In-Cabin Experience Weeks (up to 3 weeks of choice):
LITs declare weeks of availability and interest. Up to 3 In-Cabin placement weeks determined mutually between the Camp Directors, Parents, and LITs. These weeks are at no-additional cost to the LIT and are designed to accomodate the LIT's summer availability. Three in-cabin experience weeks cannot be guarenteed, and are based in part upon the LIT's attitude and performance. An 'In-Cabin Experience' week involves being paired with a Camp Staff to assist them in their work with campers, acting as a leader and role model. Throughout each day an LIT can expect constant support from their paired Staff Person, Head Counsellor, and the Leadership Training Director. Daily check-ins and functional debriefing protocols put the hands-on learning into perspective and give the opportunity for LITs to learn from each other and best-practices recommended by experienced staff.

If you are interested in joining the Menesetung staff team one day,
it is highly recommended that you consider the LIT program!

Menesetung LIT Program Perks
We value the help of our LITs alot, our LIT registration costs are far more subsidized than anywhere else! This is the best deal we offer!
Registration includes all meals, snacks, T-Shirt, and tax!
Awesome Food
Play and have fun with kids of all ages all summer!
Our staff are energetic indivuals who LOVE to have fun, are trained in Standard First-Aid & CPR-C, have undergone vulnerable sector screening, and have completed extensive training.

Counsellors In Training (CITs) (16+)

CITs have more opportunities and responsibilities than LITs. This experience is geared at completing the transition for 16 year olds from camper to staff. Guiding them into similar leadership opportunities as staff but with additional supports and training, and clear paths to problem solving under the mentorship of our Leadership Training Director.

CIT Perks, this free program entitles you to:
  • Free Room & Board and a summer at Camp!
  • Free enrolment in our intensive Emergency First Aid, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross swimming certification course (optional but encouraged!)
  • Up-to 2 high school summer co-op credits (arrangements for this set up between your school's co-op department and Camp Menesetung)
  • Volunteer hours... lots of them!
  • 1 year of transferable leadership experience with accompanying references and evaluations.
  • CITs are in great standing to apply as 17 year olds onto the Camp Menesetung staff team, their year of experience also gives them a boost on the pay grid!

To become a CIT you will need to go through our selection process, which involves:
  • Checking the application package to ensure you know what you're signing up for and are available for all mandatory training dates
  • Finding two people who can vouch for your leadership abilities as references
  • Completing an online application through our staff application portal (2019 applications open January 2nd, 2019)
  • Attending an interview (all CIT applicants will receive an interview).

     Application Cut-off Date for first round of CIT hiring: February 17th, 2019 at 10:00PM
           (Your best chance of getting in!)
     Application Cut-off Date for second round of CIT hiring: April 7th, 2019 at 10:00PM
           (applicants will be considered on an on-going basis following this date)
  • Summer Staff Training Weekend: May Long Weekend - May 17-19, 2019
  • Optional but encouraged Intensive Swimming Certification Course: Emergency First Aid, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross. Tentatively: Wednesday, June 26-29th, 2019
  • Summer Staff Training Week: June 30-July 5, 2019
  • Summer Camp! Sun-Friday July 7-August 16, 2019 (CITs are often awarded a week off during the summer to accomodate family holiday's etc.)

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Summer Calling Hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-5:00pm
Sunday: 4:30-5:30pm
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