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Camp Menesetung Memory Quilt - 2008

 On August 16, 2008 Camp Menesetung celebrated the 85th anniversary since the Goderich Summer School began, the 75th anniversary since the land was purchased for the present site, the 60th anniversary since Incorporation, and the 40th anniversary since the name was changed to Camp Menesetung. The Board of Directors felt that this was reason to celebrate the camp’s rich history in a lasting tribute. Thus the idea of a Memory Quilt.

Camp Menesetung is affiliated with the United Church of Canada, and is supported in many ways by the various pastoral charges of Huron-Perth Presbytery. In 1994 a program was introduced whereby individuals, various pastoral charges, and UCW groups could ‘Adopt-A-Cabin’. This meant that the Adopters were responsible for maintaining the interior of their cabin (spring cleaning, painting, and furnishing). The Board of Directors is responsible for painting and maintaining the exterior of the cabins, the dining hall, church, craft hall, washrooms, and the grounds. Over the years there have been some changes in the list of Adopters. Some Adopters have been involved since the beginning of the program.

For the quilt, each current Cabin Adopter was asked to contribute at least one 12"X12" block. We asked that it be representative of their involvement with Camp Menesetung. Specific instructions were given as to finished size and background colour.

Each block was to indicate which adopter was submitting it. Various suggestions were given regarding church camping activities which could be incorporated into the theme, such as Arts & Crafts, Music, Discovery, Swimming, Campfire, Outdoor Living Skills, Archery, Drama. Also, other pastoral charges and UCW groups other then current Adopters were invited to contribute a block if they wished to. The submissions were diverse and very interesting. The Board of Directors is grateful to all contributors for their outstanding work and dedication.

The project was co-ordinated by Barbara Knox, Chair of the Board. Sincere appreciation is extended to Clara Anne Jewell of Benmiller, who, along with Irene Millian, prepared extra blocks. Clara Anne then assembled, and quilted the finished product. Her expertise and dedication to the project was a Blessing.

 Quilt Blocks were provided by:


- Cabin A - Cabin and Evergreens - The original cabins were built in 1935.

#1             Cabins A & B were built in 1955. Cabins 1-8 were added in 1960

#2             The Camp Logo, designed by Joyce Bean of Auburn, was chosen in 2004

               from several submissions in a contest to design a new logo for the camp.

Grand Bend

- Cabin B - Cabin - Cabin A & Cabin B are heated. Therefore they are

#3             frequently used by rental groups in the spring and autumn.

Victoria Street - Benmiller

- Cabin #1 - Fireside Fellowship & Campfire - Lasting memories of camp

#4             are often formed around the evening campfire.

              - Outreach Activities - Christian Camping is one of the most

#5             crucial missions of the United Church of Canada. What

                could be more important then the youth?

North Street

- Cabin #2 - A Selection of Pictures with a United Church & Camping

#6             Theme. The wall hanging ‘Celebrate God’s World’ was

                designed in 2003 by Marilyn Potter when her daughter

                Susan was Camp Director. It represents the theme for the

                summer, and is comprised of the handprints of all the staff.

                Also hanging in the church is a tree of handprints of all the

                campers in 2003, also designed by Marilyn Potter.

Nancy & Trish Daer

- Cabin #3 (Daer’s Den) - A Cross-Stitched Presbyterian Cross Symbol.

#7             Camp Menesetung is affiliated with the United Church of

                Canada, but is open to a variety of religious faiths, school

                groups and community organizations. Campers, counsellors,

                staff, volunteers, and rental groups represent a cross section

                of society.

Fred & Deb Hakkers

- Cabin #4 - Blyth Spirit & Campfire - Evening campfire is one of the

#8              most symbolic activities of outdoor camping. Through skits,

                 songs, comradery & fun it brings a perfect ending to the day.

Northside -Cavan

- Cabin #5 - Cabin with Evergreens - The peace and serenity of the setting

#9              can be enjoyed at all times and all seasons of the year. God is

                 certainly alive at Camp Menesetung.


- Cabin #6 - Church with Rainbow - Since 2005 Camp Menesetung has

#10             been involved with ‘Reach for the Rainbow’, a program that

                 facilitates the inclusion of mentally and/or physically

                 challenged youth into weekly camps. Londesboro United has

                 supported this endeavor through their Outreach Committee.

           - Cross, Trees, Blue Cabin - Camp Menesetung has been

#11             offering Christian Education / Discovery since its inception.

                Thousands of Campers, Staff, Board Members, & Volunteers

                 have benefitted over the years from their involvement with

                 the camp. Continue the Tradition!

Dungannon - Nile

- Cabin #7 - Camp Logo - Symbolic of God’s gifts to mankind - water, air,

#12             land, and fire. In this outdoor setting Camp Menesetung

                  offers lodging and worship opportunities.


- Cabin #7 - Children, Water, Church, Campfire, Canoe - Through their

#13             fun experiences at Camp Menesetung, children learn about

                  God, some for the first time, and create lasting memories and



- Cabin #8 - Cabin on Black - Camp Menesetung offers a residential

#14              program from Sunday afternoon to Friday night. Also

                  popular is the Day Camp, with the option of staying

                  overnight Thursday

- Sailboat - Sailboats and other watercraft can often be seen on

#15             the water of Lake Huron. Outstanding sunsets

                  are always a Blessing for all to enjoy.


- A-frame - A-frame, trees, raccoons, logo - The A-frame was built in 1980

#16             as a recreation hall. The camp is home to many forms of

                  wildlife - raccoons, deer, wild turkeys, chipmunks, birds, etc.

                 We just borrow it for 6 months of the year. When it was

                  discovered that raccoons were wintering in the A-frame a

                  concerted effort was made to keep them out. Since the

                  chimney was the point of entry a chimney cap was installed

                  & strapped down. When they subsequently chewed a hole

                  through the shingled roof a steel roof had to be put on.


- Omega - Picture of Wesley-Willis - Although now amalgamated as

#17             Clinton United, up until 2006 Wesley-Willis was the Adopter

                 for Omega Cabin, and continues to do so as Clinton United.


- House - Church, ‘Sharing & Caring’ - This is the motto for Egmondville

#18            United Church. Camp Menesetung is grateful for the support

                 of many caring church communities.

Wendy Padfield

- Bunkhouse - Bunks, Rainbow Roof - The Bunkhouse, now used as

#19            sleeping quarters, used to be the kitchen of the old Dining Hall,

                which is now used as the Craft Hall.

Ontario St.

- Staff Cabin - Picture of Ontario St - Although now amalgamated as

#20           Clinton United, up until 2006 Ontario St. was the

                Adopter for the Staff Cabin, and continues to do so as

                Clinton United.


- Health Center - Dresden Plate Design - It is mandatory to have a health

#21            professional, nurse, or 1st Aider on site for every camp. This

                cabin is home to that individual for the summer.

Jim & Donna Collins

- Trailer - Trailer - Provided by Jim & Donna Collins, the trailer has been

#22          home for the summer for Christian Education (Discovery) volunteers,

               or for the camp cook.


- Rocks, Trees, Sand, Water, Campfire - These are some of the elements of

#23          the great outdoors, where campers can come to truly appreciate

               God’s World in a safe and caring environment.

Marlene Forbes

- Tree of Life - A well known symbol of Christianity.



#25          A variety of games and activities. The camp has a basketball court

               and volleyball net. Also now offered as part of the program is

               Outdoor Living Skills, Archery,, Initiatives, and Adventure Camp.


#26         A ‘Must’ for summer camp. Perpetually a favourite event.


# 27        A multitude of activities take place on the raised hill of the septic system,

              including soccer & parachute games.


#28         Historically a part of all camping experiences - campfire songs, arts &

              drama, worship, Morning Watch, Vespers.
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