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At Camp Menesetung, we strive...

To Accept & Affirm

We place a high value on inclusion.
We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to attend camp.

 How we live it
  • We open our doors to all children and youth. We welcome anyone, regardless of faith, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, socio economic status, or vocal range.
  • We offer a bursary program for those who can't afford to come to camp.
  • Our staff are trained to be commited to celebrating differences, and seek to support rather than change. Menesetung is not about converting campers with a religious agenda. Menesetung is a place of discovery, where good role-models and adventure can change a life, and inspire new ways of thinking.
To Listen & Learn

We do not know everything. Your voice is valuable. As an organization we are commited to growing and learning from our campers, parents, nature, and the world around us.

How we live it
  • Our staff are passionate about the value of each camper in their care. They are trained to accomodate, and understand that 'different' means 'new possibility', it does not mean 'bad'.
  • We actively seek feedback, through our day-to-day interactions, parent surveys, and staff reflections.
  • We reevaluate. Programs are thoroughly debriefed and rehashed based on how they went, and fresh ideas - whether they were sparked by a camper, staff, or camping conference.
To Challenge & Empower

This place has the ability to change lives. This place will challenge you to define yourself and how you see the world. We seek to create opportunities where real life steps can be taken.

How we live it
  • Our programming is diverse and designed to challenge and spark inspiration for individuals of any level, and groups of all make-ups.
  • We build choice into the activities at Camp. We offer opportunities for campers to choose their own adventure, pursue unplanned tangents, and have input into their schedule.
To Teach & Provide

We are commited to providing safe, healthy, and quality skill building opportunities for all campers.

How we live it
  • All staff are hired based on the skills, and knowledge they have to offer their campers.
  • We offer a rich variety of program areas to broaden possibility.
  • All staff are trained and certified to run programs in a safe and healthy manner.
  • We challenge ourselves to teach the morals and lessons of the United Church through practical experience and open conversation.
Our Campers are the centre of what we do at Menesetung. Always.
Our Mission
At Camp Menesetung, we believe, that through good stewardship, our camping experience provides recreation and learning in an outdoor setting
to enhance spiritual development of all.
For a list of the core beliefs held by the United Church and upheld by Camp Menesetung, please click HERE.
519 524 6497
Summer Calling Hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-5:00pm
Sunday: 4:30-5:30pm
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Our Mission:
At Camp Menesetung we believe, that through good stewardship, our camping experience provides recreation and learning in an outdoor setting to enhance the spiritual development of all.
Camp Menesetung
82190 Church Camp Rd. Goderich, ON. N7A 3Y3
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