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Camp Menesetung Program Areas

Throughout their day at camp, campers experience a diverse range of our programs.
Each program is coordinated and led by a dedicated Program Specialist.
Each week, campers will experience completely new activities at each Program Area based on the Theme of the week. If campers come back for multiple weeks there won't be any repeats! Only further skill development :)
The list below is not an exhaustive list,
Menesetung is full of suprises and unplanned adventures!
Location: The Archery Range
Description: Archery is about training your mind and body to be controlled and accurate. Learn how to properly hold, knock, aim, & loose an arrow - overcome your personal best and go for the bullseye! Other fun themed Archery games and activities are in store, try archery connect four, or archery golf! There are so many more!
Arts & Crafts
Location: The Craft Hall
Description: Arts & Crafts is a stage for imagination and creative potential. Create themed paintings, drawings, scultures, banners, costumes, set pieces, pots, floor tiles, coasters, chalk drawings, sand mandalas, masks, dream catchers... you dream it you can make it! Our Arts & Crafts hall is home to an unfathomable array of donations heretofore unknown to humankind - only now to be recognized for their true potential - in a campers masterpiece.
Cabin Choice
Location: It's your choice!
Description: Cabin groups are given the opportunity to choose what they would like to do at certain times throughout the week. Not only have we seen the craziest activities that we could never have dreamt up, but this program actively teaches consensus based decision making to groups of campers - a very valuable skill! Take a walk on the beach, build a blanket fort, take individual time for reading, drawing, or playing guitar, challenge your sibling's cabin to a game of volleyball! Let's have fun!
Location: Campfire
Description: Every evening at Menesetung, we celebrate the day and bring it to a close with our very own style of campfire. Campfire is a time for singing songs, telling stories, and acting out skits. At the end of a busy day, there's nothing quite like sitting by a fire with your new friends, singing songs, and looking at the stars...
Climbing Wall
Location: The Climbing Wall
Description: Our 38' climbing wall is a challenge waiting to be conquered. This program area is operated by trained ACCT staff who inspect the wall, ropes, and harnesses on a daily basis. All campers are completely safe while climbing the wall, wearing a full body harness, helmet, and being actively belayed by trained personelle. All climbers need to remember to bring closed toed, closed heeled shoes to climb. The goal is to beat their personal best, maybe even ring the bell at the top! (I wonder what colour the bell is...) Themed activites and challenges also play a role at this program: Have you ever tried climbing blindfolded? How about while holding a tennis ball? Both!?
Evening Program (EP)
Description: After supper we dive into full camp big games and activities designed by our Program Director based around the Theme of the week. Evening program can literally be anything - and you know that it will be fun. You may be with your cabin group, you may not. You may be dressing up, you may not. You may be getting wet, you may not. You may be playing something no one else on earth has tried before... quite possibly! Evening Program is something to get excited for!!
Location: In our midst
Description: Our openess to faith at Camp is about making connections with each other, and celebrating the beautiful diversity of the world around us. Each week a volunteer minister (or pastor) visits Menesetung to facilitate thoughts and connections around faith, lead sessions on some of the important lessons that we can learn from a life of faith, and act as a mentor for any campers or staff who need a friendly ear to talk to. We love being a United Church Camp, and are proud of our commitment to openness and diversity.
Location: The Flagpole
Description: Every morning before breakfast we gather at the flagpole for a morning watch as a whole camp. Here we wake up with a small thought provoking morality based activity, and sing the national anthem before heading over to the Dining Hall for breakfast.
Hill Games
Location: The Hill
Description: Big group outdoor games and fun! Our flat topped hill at the centre of camp is a hotspot for fun physical activity. The possibilities are endless, some Menesetung classics include: Ricki Ticki, Tag (in all forms), Capture the Flag (in all forms), Cross Canada, Giants Wizards Elves...

Low Ropes
Location: The Forest
Description: Camp Menesetung has 6 seperate low ropes adventure elements which are inspected on a daily basis, and run by trained staff. Low Ropes elements are designed to present challenges for individuals and groups to work together to overcome. Low Ropes provide campers  with the opportunity to excersize critical thinking, balance, teamwork, and initiative skills in a freeing, shaded, natural space. Closed toe, closed heel shoes are required for this one!
Music & Drama
Location: The A-Frame
Description: Campers discover their inner talents and showcase it for thier friends to see! Learn life skills such as: communication, listening, risk taking, cultural appreciation etc. while participating in themed activities or helping put on a theatre production. Whether they're re-writing the words to a song, playing improv games, or learning stage combat, Music & Drama is always a hit at Menesetung.
Outdoor Living Skills (OLS)
Location: The Forest
Description: Learning survival skills might come in handy one day! OLS brings the beauty of nature into the lives of our campers, while teaching them how to orienteer, tie knots, build shelters, pitch tents, cook food on the campfire, while incorporating all kinds of theme based activities and taking the specialty campers on out trips.
Location: The Pool
Description: Our Class A pool is run and operated by our NLS certified Lifeguards, and Head Lifeguard, with additional supervision provided by Bronze Cross certified Assistant Lifeguards. Swimming is a wonderful thing in the summer! We are very fortunate to have such a well maintained pool, with continually new and themed activities and games. All campers take a swim test on their first day at camp to assess their swimming ability. Lifejackets are available for all non-swimmers and swimmers alike, with additional adult supervision given to non-swimmers and those not quite tall enough to touch in the shallow end. Sun safety is very important, all campers are required to bring a shirt which they can swim in on days with a high UV index. All campers have the opportunity to swim every day, often more than once - whether it's during morning polar dip (optional), programmed activity sessions, or free swim - we love our pool!
Talent Show
Location: On the Church Steps
Description: Every Thursday evening, Menesetung holds its weekly showcase of the immense talent bursting out of its campers. Everyone can enter! We have seen so much, and look forward to seeing so much more! Acrobatics! Music! Acting! Dancing! Juggling! Sports! Impressions! Skits! Trivia! Doing advanced things with your toes! Cooking! (Have you heard of Ian & Rebecca in the Kitchen?) If your camper has something to share, we have a safe place for them to show it off :)
Location: Vespers Point
Description: Vespers - meaning evening, is the time in the day when we reflect on our day and think about what we can learn from it that we can take with us into the future. Vespers is also an opportunity to ask big questions and think about different aspects of Faith at camp. This is a time for conversation, questioning, self discovery, storytelling, prayer, and sharing. Our Thursday night Vespers is a very special occasion which holds a sacred place in the memories of campers and staff alike.
Our 'Choose Your Own' Series
Pursue your personal interests and get to meet campers from other cabins!
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At Camp Menesetung we believe, that through good stewardship, our camping experience provides recreation and learning in an outdoor setting to enhance the spiritual development of all.
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